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  • krlii vane

    I’m a fan of btr one direction but I think it is a very beautiful throw their voices are amazing like their faces

  • krlii vane


  • HazzaBlue2194

    As a Directioner since the X Factor, I think that they have come so far from where they used to be. All 5 started out as small-town teenagers, and now they’re world-class popstars. As Directioners, we know that they appreciate all of their fans and thank them for getting them this far. We love them for who they are and they are boys who inspire us to keep going when things get rough in life and when we feel depressed, they’re there for us. They’re all young lads who will be role models to the next generation and they should never change who they are. People say that One Direction is just a group of boys who shouldn’t even be where they are now, but One Direction are my biggest inspirations in life and my role models. If people say that Directioners should go support somebody else, I would be one who would stay rooted in my position. I am a huge fan and I will be here now, throughout their careers, and even after their careers end. I think I speak for a lot of the Directioners when I say that we love the lads with all of our hearts and that we will never give up faith in them. One Direction fans are people who should be taken seriously, because the boys have changed the world and the fans are trying to help them reach even further heights on the mountain range of music. If other people can’t see that, then they need to rethink their opinions of One Direction and the fandom of Directioners.

  • Aaden Ross


  • Anne

    Where’s the album Midnight Memories???????

  • Ericka lynn vela

    I love NIALLER cx

  • Liv

    I love them more than words can describe and just listening to their music has helped me through a hard year

  • Deyonte

    i like shit