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There is no better way to wake up in the morning…

Harry and Niall were captured here doing a quick workout round their stadium before a show. Although…. i wouldn’t call Niall screaming at Harry from a Segway a workout..

All this fitness seem to be paying off! What do you think about their new and improved bodies?

  • GabbyBoo123❤️

    Their Bodies are Sexy!

  • Jessie_NiallLove

    ahaha Funny ^^

  • sarah

    zany’s instagram is @badboyzm

  • Lexii Horan

    there goes babe on his scooter

  • kate

    i hate zayn malik

  • directioner

    deose somebody have NIall’s phoe number please… it’s important


    hi girls, can somebody give me Niall’s phone number please… I’m at the hospital since 1 month and i still have to be 2 months more…. i am lonely… my family don’t come often to visit and i’m by my one… my only consolation is one Direction… wen i listen their songs I feel better and wen I see their pictures I cheer up I little more… so I somebody knows how I feel… how it can feel like… and if somebody is kind enough and a real directioner… I hope that person is going to give me the happiest moment of my life…. thanks to all the caring girls!

  • mrs.payne


  • shauna56

    i love niall